Twalk With Me - Walking and Talking 6000 miles with just an iPhone and a guitar

What's the plan?

On September 11 I'm going to walk from my hometown Leiden in the Netherlands to Santiago de Compostela, Rome and finally Jerusalem. I'm on a mission to show the sceptics that there is more to social media than a bunch of escapees hiding behind a computer screen. You can read more about my motivation in 'Why do it?'. You can find the link below.

My plan is to try and get in contact with people along my route by connecting with them through social media. There is always someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone and social media can help to connect the dots. The challenge is to build a network large enough to stretch from the Netherlands to Spain and from Italy to Israel. Once I'm on my way I would like to ask them for an evening meal and a bed or a couch to crash. I'm a complete stranger who has nothing to give, so I know it is asking a lot. I have only a story to tell, a song to sing and my eternal gratitude for helping me complete my mission.

I would like to ask people who like this project but aren't on my route, to open up their network to me by re-tweeting my requests, posting links to my website and introducing my project to anyone who might be able to be my host for one night.

So instead of a map and a credit card I will be carrying an iPhone and a guitar. I will post all my stories and all the songs I hope to write here, on this website. I uploaded the first song that I wrote with this journey specifically in mind, For K.. Please check it out and tell me what you think!

PS don't forget to connect with me through the links on the left here!

Why do it?

Twalk With Me - Walking and Talking 6000 miles with just an iPhone and a guitar

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