Twalk With Me - Walking and Talking 6000 miles with just an iPhone and a guitar

How you can help

First of all, obviously, by being my host for one evening and night. On the map on the left side of the page you can see my route. Approximately, because all depends on where I’ll find a place to sleep. Through this link you’ll find a list of some of the cities I plan to pass through. The shortest route from A to B is a straight line so it shouldn’t be too hard guessing the sleepovers I need in between. Until Paris I plan to twalk no more than 20 km a day. So every 20 km or so I will need a place to stay. After that I will gradually raise the distance per day. If you are on my route and would like to share in this adventure by meeting up, you can send me an email: twalkwithme@gmail.com.

Secondly, you can help by informing your network of my project by sending them a link to this website. Especially if you know someone along the route that might be willing to help me.

Thirdly, but this is connected with the second, by following me on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. You will find the links on the left side of this page. By following me on Twitter and adding my Facebook page to your profile, your connections will see this in their timeline. Hopefully they’ll get the hint and start following me also.

Once I start twalking I will be sending out posts asking for sleepovers in some specified region I am heading towards. You can help me by re-tweeting these and forwarding them to your connections.

Since I have only a small buffer in my bank account and I will have monthly expenses such as insurance and telephone and internet bills, I will need to make money as I go. Maybe you have something you need done around the house, or you could use some extra pair of hands picking the grapes in your vineyard, or you need a copywriter or translator, or someone to teach you how to pour hearts and apples in your cappuccino; you can think of anything really. If you think I could help, just send me an email. I will also be adding a donate button on my site shortly, in case you have no chores, but would still like to support me.

If you have any ideas on how to make this project better or bigger, send me that too. I am open to all suggestions. This is a shared project in every sense of the word!

Twalk With Me - Walking and Talking 6000 miles with just an iPhone and a guitar

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